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Christensens advises companies, directors of companies and other organisations on strategy. This website provides information of an introductory nature for the general guidance of users only.

Terms of use

1. This section describes the terms of use of this website ("the website") to which you are subject and to which you express your acceptance and agreement by your use of the website. This agreement is between you and Christensens, as provider of the website. Christensens Limited (referred to as "Christensens" on the website) is a limited liability company incorporated in England and Wales.

2. Nature of the Site and Contents

2.1. Nothing in the website, including any documents attached to, contained in, or accessible via the website:

2.1.1. Constitutes any form of professional advice. Should you require advice on a specific matter please contact us.

2.1.2. Constitutes legal advice or should be construed as an indication that Christensens provides legal advice in any form or that Christensens or its employees hold themselves out in any circumstances as lawyers or attorneys in any jurisdiction.

2.1.3. Should be construed as an indication that Christensens engages in or carries on investment business or that Christensens or its employees arrange or advise on the raising in any form or in any market of share/equity or debt capital or financing.

2.2. Through the links in and references on the website you may access other websites operated by other parties. Christensens does not endorse these other websites or the contents thereof or accept any responsibility for any damage or loss that may be suffered through your access to those other websites.

3. Copyright

3.1. Christensens and other parties providing services to Christensens own the software that is the website and operate the website. With the exception of situations expressly permitted by applicable laws, you must not copy, modify, download or distribute the software or otherwise take actions affecting the operation of this website without the express consent of Christensens.

4. Website Operation and Virus Protection

4.1. While we endeavour to provide a website that operates efficiently at all times, errors may occur on occasions. In this case, we would appreciate it if you could contact us to advise of the problem.

4.2. Documents which may be sent to Christensens through the website will be scanned by virus protection software.

4.3. Whilst we take care to reduce the risk that documents attached to, contained in or accessible via the website become infected by viruses, there is a risk that such documents may become so infected. Christensens does not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss that may be suffered through your access to this website. We strongly recommend that you protect your computer, network or other devices or systems through use of anti-virus software. In the event you do receive an infected document from or via the website, we would appreciate it if you could contact us to advise us of this.

5. Use of the Content

5.1. By using the website, you agree that you will access the contents of the website only for your own use and that, with the exception of situations expressly permitted by applicable laws, you will not otherwise copy, store or publish any part of the website nor use any part of the website contents for commercial exploitation without the express and prior written authorisation of Christensens.

6. Dispute

6.1. Any dispute relating to the website that may arise between you and Christensens shall be governed by English law with the parties agreeing that such dispute shall be settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

6.2. If any term of this agreement is or becomes illegal, void or unenforceable this shall not affect the legality or enforceability of any other term of this agreement.


This section explains how personal data obtained through the website is handled by Christensens.

1. Christensens respects and is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information of our clients, applicants and employees. Our privacy policies reflect these principles, and will also conform to any privacy or data protection requirements in the countries in which we do business.

2. We may collect information through this website from clients and prospective clients and from individuals interested in a career who contact us. Additionally, we may monitor usage of the website by gathering information through the use of cookies. Any personal information that we do collect will be controlled by and stored. No information so collected and stored will be disclosed to any third party, excepting that which we may be required by law to so disclose.

3. You have the right to access and to have any personal data we hold on you amended; which you may do at any time by contacting us.


1. Christensens employs people based on merit.

2. We appreciate receiving applications from those interested in joining Christensens. Our acknowledgement, that we have received your application, is not acceptance of the application or the making of an offer of employment or engagement.

3. Information that you send to us will be used solely for consideration of your application. Christensens may retain such information for consideration for positions that may arise in the future, unless you advise us that you do not wish that this information be so retained.